Here is an interview of Shirley and Steve done by a reporter from Red ( a music channel). This is from the Livid Festival on October 5, 1996 which was held in Brisbane Australia. The typing and submission of this article is by fellow Trash-Talker Alex Wolfson.

Interviewer: Well, I think you know, as far as misquotes and stuff goes the Details magazine thing that you did with Gavin from Bush on the cover. And the quote that I loved was you know, that your boyfriend would have to understand that your work involves you know, rocking up to work and they say "We want you to kiss Gavin for the cover of this magazine." Have you had any other you know, met someone and gone "Oh wow" and had to do some sort of Supervixen kind of thing?

Shirley: Unfortunately not though, but I'm open to offers.

Interviewer: And was Gavin from Bush a nice guy?

Shirley: Yeah, he was, he was a beautiful boy more than anything, but yeah, he was a bit nervous I think.

Interviewer: He was a bit nervous?

Shirley: Yeah, we both were because we'd never met and we arrived in this studio and the photographer said, you know "OK, up close". And we were like crotch to crotch. It was sort of weird, but it was nice.

Interviewer: Wooo'ooh! I'll have to you know, join Bush I think. And I read in the same article about you know, the underpants comments that you like men that hang loose. Being crotch to crotch could you... were you aware of Gavin's undergarments?

Shirley: I couldn't tell but I suspect he had boxers on. ------- break to some clips

Interviewer: Welcome back. You're watching PM. And we're still here with fifty percent of Garbage - half of the tip. Shirley and Steve. Lyrics. Did you have to change the lyrics that these guys had written for you very much when you joined the band?

Shirley: Well, they hadn't written any lyrics for me so, you know...

Interviewer: At all?!

Shirley: No. We wrote them together. The whole album was written together. It's a collaboration. It's not like they've hired some girl to front their project. This is a four-way, equal-share band.

[Steve nods in agreement]

Interviewer: Oh! There's the media again. [???]...the misquotes I was reading and I was sure that it said you know, that they had some words ready for you, but you know, you were kind of went "Awww, that's a bit, you know, come on!" But that's not true you're saying?

Shirley: No, when I first arrived they had like some scribbled down words so that I could like do some kind of ad lib kind of stuff, but err....

Interviewer [interupting]: Was it really bad?

Steve: It was awful. It was terrible. Horrible.

Interviewer: Here's the truth now from Steve. What kind of stuff was it? You know like "Yeah, I want to rock you baby, yeah"?

[Shirley laughs and grins at Steve]

Steve: That was actually one of the songs - "Yeah, I want to Rock you Baby, Yeah". And it may come out as a B-side sometime, but err...

Interviewer: Really?

Steve: Yeah.... No we just had... we didn't really know what we were doing until Shirley came along. Um. We knew we wanted to make a cool band and make a record and that was about it. And it needed somebody to be a strong frontperson and somebody who could obviously sing really really well. And we needed a collaborator that would force us to write decent songs instead of the crap that we would write on our own and we were lucky enough to have that happen to us.

Interviewer: And what about Shirley. Did you think you'd be touring the world presenting awards to guys in pink crushed velvet suits and big hair dos.

Shirley: I kind of suspected I would, but I never thought I'd be interviewed by a man with such dirty feet! [pointing at interviewer's feet]

[Camera shot of the interviewer's filthy bare feet... shudder]

Steve: This is really disgusting.

Interviewer: Is that offending you?

Shirley: No. It's just surprising me.

Interviewer: You presented an award to Dave Graney who's the king of pop. He was the guy that came up. Did you meet him before the show?

Shirley: I never met him before the show and when he came up on the podium he omitted to kiss me or say anything to me, so I felt that perhaps I had offended him... But err... tough luck!

Interviewer: I think Dave was on his own trip there, you know, the final moment of glory, the moment of ecstasy.

Shirley: Well he kissed the other girl.


Interviewer: Chrissy Amphlet?

Shirley: He kissed Chrissy. He said thank you to Chrissy. He didn't say thank you to me.

Interviewer: It must be your reputation. He probably read some article you know, some article and went "Oh! I'm not talking to her!"

Shirley: What that big Australian man thought I was going to deep throat him or something? Or pee in his bellybutton.

--- Interviewer: You have some amazing vinyl releases packaged in rubber, packaged in metal, gold CDs, that kind of thing. Do you have anything to do with that or is that just a record company thing? Do you like say you know, we should release vinyl?

Shirley: Well, I think we all wanted to release vinyl because we're big fans of vinyl and still have massive vinyl collections and we wanted to make somethins special for our fans and that was one of the ideas that we came up with. And I mean we work in conjunction with two people at Mushroom records on our single artwork, who've been working with us from the very very beginning, so we've got a great team. It's a team effort.