If the Garbage album was a soundtrack what would the film be?

'Blue Velvet'. I've got a degree in film. I sometimes get ideas for writing from film. I read a lot too. A lot of fiction. Contemporary fiction I guess. We actually played movies all the time when we were at the studio. It's a good inspiration to have this screen over the speakers and there's something playing. Sometimes we would get something like 'Bladerunner' and run that for a week non-stop just because it looks so amazing. Every now and then we'd turn the sound up so you could here [sic] (weird static noise). We actually did nick a few sound samples from some films that we disguised enough so we won't have to worry about getting copyright... but I'm not even supposed to really say that so...

'Blue Velvet' is a good analogy because I'm a huge David Lynch fan. We were watching 'Eraserhead' and 'Blue Velvet', even 'Dune', which is not necessarily a good film ... but because it has this shiny pop ... this perfect veneer. But underneath it there's something wrong. Under all the layers. Definitely some of the 'Garbage' songs are that way. They have this really hummable melody, all these melodic riffs but there's things going on with the lyrics, fucked sonic textures.

I'm trying to remember ... we watched this movie that was so incredibly scary. I can't remember now. We found it hidden in a real arty video store. It was done by like this French experimental theatre group. It's like a murky black and white. Basically, at the start this guy is torturing himself. He's in this chair, shaking and basically mutilating himself. But it looks beautiful somehow... the way it's shot. And his stomach opens up and this woman comes out. I know this sounds totally weird and pretentious. And then this kid, like a Jesus Christ type of figure ... this boy who's handicapped or something - he's not in very good shape - and these weird people, like tribal people find him and take him out of there and torture him. There's no dialogue. It's basically all weird ambient David Lynchesque kind of soundscapes. It's very disturbing but it's also very beautiful. It's shot in this dreamy style. I can't remember the title. We watched that for like a week. I'll try to remember what it's called. I know you're dying to see it.