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Пишем полную историю группы...

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ребята, давайте займемся действительно полезным делом - займемся написанием полной истории (максимально полной, которую мы сможем составить) группы. от самого начала, когда Стив Маркер заметил в клип Suffocate Me в передаче 120 Minutes на MTV, а после этого Бутч связался с Ширли и предложил ей петь в их новой группе. До самого конца (надеюсь все же нет) - отмены европейской части тура в поддержку альбома Bleed like me, после которой будущее группы остается неизвестным, не смотря га заявление о том, что это просто заслуженный перерыв.
Причем желательно расписать все это поподробнее, в деталях.

пример: в сентябре 1998 года клип на первый сингл Push it со второго альбома группы Version 2.0 был номинирован на 8 наград в премии MTV Video Music Awards: Best Group Video, Best Alternative Video, Best Art Direction, Breakthrough Video, Best Special Effects, Best Editing, Best Cinematography и Best Direction (надо узнать, как называются подобные награду на наших телевизионных премиях). Но не получили ни одной награды.

ноябрь 2001 года. в начале тура в поддержка альбома beautifulgarbage Бутч Виг заболел гепатитом, вместо него на ударных был Matt Walker, причем можно добавить к этому выдержки из дневника, который он вел, пока сидел в студии во время востановительного периода. например:

Butch - Los Angeles, Friday, November 2nd
Well, I’m going to give y’all an update. It’s been a couple of strange weeks for me. As I write this, I’m in Los Angeles under Doctor’s orders to rest, while the rest of the band are getting ready to take the stage for a sold out show in Trondheim, Norway. Duke just called from backstage…it’s cold, dark and raining…it looks like a monsoon outside…Steve is pouring pre-gig Charlottkas…they are playing under a huge tent…Shirley was just given a plastic cup and toilet paper so she could pee backstage, cuz the porto-potties in the mud are disgusting. Sounds like a typical festival to me…and I want to be there!!!
After the first show with U2 in South Bend, we had a 15 hour bus ride to Montreal, and most of the trip I lay in my bunk with muscle pains, a severe headache, and a 102 fever. I thought it was the flu, so I just kept doing the U2 gigs, thinking it would go away...over the next few days, it just got worse, punctuated by nightly chills/sweats. I also lost my appetite…food tasted repulsive, and the only thing I could get down was chicken broth and ice cream. Still, I kept playing the gigs.
Finally, after the 2nd Chicago gig, my temperature hit 104, and I was delirious. We flew from Chicago to Baltimore, and I don’t even remember the flight. When we landed, our tour manager Diane took me directly to an emergency room. The doctor took one look at me and knew I had jaundice…my eyes and skin were turning yellow…so he took a blood test to determine what kind of virus I had, and admitted me to the hospital. I had lost 13 pounds, and couldn't walk….they wheeled me to my room in a wheelchair. We had to cancel the show in Baltimore. After 2 days of massive IV's and sleep, I felt strong enough to take a car to NYC to see a doctor our management recommended.
In NYC, I slept all day Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday, when my fever broke, and my test results came back. The viral infection I contracted is Hepatitis A. Usually spread through eating infected food (I think it was from some raw oysters) the virus attacks your liver and can take 4-6 weeks to get through your system. Because the liver has to fight the infection so hard, the rest of your body is completely wiped out. The only good news is that with lots of rest, it’s completely curable.
On Wednesday, I made it (lamely, but I was not going to be denied) through the last U2 gig in Madison Square Garden...we dropped a couple of the more intense songs and played a slightly mellower set, but I had to really focus to keep from falling off the back of my drum riser the whole show. Still, it was an amazing experience to play in NYC after recent events….especially with U2, whose music and performances seem more relevant now that ever before!
By the way, all of our band and crew (and U2) had to get Hep A vaccines...just call me Typhoid Mary!
Because we didn’t want to cancel the European club tour, we called Matt Chamberlain, who played on several tracks on the new album, to fill in for me. I spent last weekend in NYC with him in band rehearsals going over live tapes and giving him pointers on how to use my drum sampler....after the Saturday rehearsal the band sounded pretty good...on some songs, our soundman Tom said he could not tell the difference. So Garbage will be heading to Europe to play the club gigs in November, and I'll be sitting on a couch somewhere, bored to death! I feel really bad...I've never missed a gig in my life! Over the years I’ve played with a fractured bones, food poisoning, the flu, heat exhaustion, wicked hangovers, pinched nerves (where my left arm and leg went completely numb), and all sorts of ailments. And as they say in show-biz: "the show must go on."
But I need to get rid of this infection completely, or it can come back and bite me in the arse even worse than before. So I’m going to tinker around in my home recording studio, and I'm going to load up on books, DVD's and some new CD’s. So if you have any recommendations, all suggestions will be considered!
I’ll see you on tour soon!

[posted 11/2/2001 U.S.A.]

можно будет также составить полные дневники всех членов группы

также надо написать о резкой переменя стиля группы с выходом сингла Androgyny и провал альбома

надо к этому привлечь все силы! переслушать и перечитать все статьи и интервью, а также перерыть весь интернет в поисках хоть каких-нибудь интервью, статей, биографий и рецензий на альбомы, синглы и т.д.


Дим, замечательное предложение! Это вообще моя мечта – написать полные, детальные биографии Ширл, Бутча, Дюка и Стива и историю группы. Я уже начинала этим заниматься, правда процесс очень тормозило мое плохое знание инглиша... Но общими-то усилиями, я думаю, у нас все получится! Я тебе могу предоставить кучу разных интервью (видео)… например, программа Behind the music с Garbage очень будет кстати для написания истории группы, ведь она ей и посвящена


Coma Black написал(а):

Дим, замечательное предложение! Это вообще моя мечта – написать полные, детальные биографии Ширл, Бутча, Дюка и Стива и историю группы. Я уже начинала этим заниматься, правда процесс очень тормозило мое плохое знание инглиша... Но общими-то усилиями, я думаю, у нас все получится! Я тебе могу предоставить кучу разных интервью (видео)… например, программа Behind the music с Garbage очень будет кстати для написания истории группы, ведь она ей и посвящена

Да, Behind the music будет очень даже кстати, а еще у меня есть одно из первых интервью с garbage (его еще можно было скачать с ссылка: … 3.mp3.html не знаю работает ли, но испробуйте, если у кого нет). а вот и ссылка на behind the music:
вот ссылка на интервью 1996 года:
(женя, оно у тебя есть?)

особенно важно восстановить все события времен первых двух альбомов, в том числе и 20-ти месячного (!!!!!!) тура в поддержку Version 2.0

женя, было бы классно у тебя взять все интервью и статьи, которые у тебя есть. насчет инглиша - все очень легко, когда написано, а то с пониманием устной британской речи, а уж тем более американской, у меня плоховато.

где-то находил целый сайт со всякими интервью garbage (вспомнил - там, вроде бы, много было)

а пока предлагаю всем бросить усилия на поиски интервью и журнальных статей из s/t эры.

если что-нибудь найдете, то публикуйте сюда с желательным указанием источника, где она была опубликована.

может быть у вас есть полные версии tour diary эры s/t? а то мне их так и не удалось найти.

нашел какое-то интервью с 2001 года:

Shirley Manson of Garbage
"NSync have become Warhol's tomato-soup can. I can buy why people dig it." Garbage's third album of garage-rocktronica, beautifulgarbage, recorded at the band's studio in Madison, Wisconsin, is perhaps the most emotionally intense album of the year so far, and certainly the only one capable of recalling Destiny's Child and David Bowie in the space of a single track.
Lead singer Shirley Manson - who started therapy after the band came off its last tour in 1999, and who has always been one of rock's most underrated lyricists as well as one of its most forthright interview subjects - is at a cathartic high on beautifulgarbage, spewing both venom and vulnerability at herself and others in equal measure. "I feel I owe it to myself and others to rage constantly," she says. "But for my own self-preservation, I sometimes have to not rage 100 percent."

I understand that you tried yoga and didn't care for it.

I absolutely hated it. It drove me insane. I spoke about it with Courtney Love, because she had been going on about the wonderful benefits of yoga, and I scoffed at her, because I hated it. It made me angry. And she in turn scoffed at me and said, "Well, where the hell did you practice your yoga - Madison, Wisconsin?" So I scoffed at her in turn, "Well, we can't all practice in L.A.!" But I do think that perhaps I just went to the wrong type of yoga. Because they literally, quite literally, hung us from the roof by our British fannies. And I don't mean American fannies, I mean British fannies.

Huh? Do you mean "fanny" as we mean "pussy"?

Yeah. Our pudenda. And it was highly unpleasant. There was nothing relaxing about it whatsoever. I was so angry, I fainted for the first time ever in my life.

Who do you think are the true talents working today in music?

Well, there's the obvious: PJ Harvey, BjЦrk, Missy Elliott, OutKast. Fiona Apple - I think her voice is one of the greatest of the last decade, an incredible voice that sounds as old as the grave.

And the false talents?

I think falsity in itself has become almost as worthy as authenticity. Britney Spears has become revoltingly fake to such a degree that I kind of accept it now and see it in a pop-art sense. She's so gloriously naive, a cartoon. And 'NSync have become Andy Warhol's tomato-soup can. And I can buy into why people dig it. It's not my thing, but I think it's just as relevant in our culture as everybody mooing and cooing over Kid A.

You can make distinctions of quality within the falsity genre, though.

Yeah. But I better watch what I say, because Christina Aguilera's management has already threatened to take me to court because of supposedly unpleasant thingsI said about Christina in my Web diary. So I have to not make a further comment on Miss Aguilera.

You're now thirty-six. . . .

I'm thirty-five. I turned thirty-five yesterday. . . . It was weird, because a lot of people have been saying to me, "Oooh, you can't be happy about it." And I was like,"You know what? I am happy about it." I went off on this rant about why are people so ashamed of getting older, and this is a triumph for me - I made it to thirty-five. And literally, about ten minutes after my rant, we got news of Aaliyah's airplane crash. It was like, I fucking rest my case. It was a very poignant piece of news to receive on what people considered to be a so-called difficult birthday for me.

OK. I feel that we have kind of missed out on the part of the interview where you typically discuss penis size, and things of that nature.

I'm done talking about penis size. That's a rule of thumb for the promotion of this record. I've bored myself even with the penis talk, and that's saying something.

You should always be careful with I'm-done-with declarations, though.

Au contraire. I have to disagree with you there. I feel that I can make statements for the moment I'm in, and then totally do a 180-degree turn if I wish, as I did with therapy. I ranted and raved against therapy just two years ago, and now, of course, I literally feel like going on a march through Washington, D.C., or London or Paris with my everyone should have their head shrunk banner.

Nevertheless, the bottom line is still: no penis-size discussion. And I feel aficionados of Shirley Manson interviews expect it.

Well, fuck 'em. I aim to disappoint.

(RS879-Oct.11, 2001)

ссылка на статью от людей, которые снимали один из концертов garbage для возможного последующего выпуска dvd … ohnson1202 (не помню что там, но вроде бы были даже фотки)

много интересного было на британских новостных сайтах, надо тоже посмотреть

так что давайте, займемся написанием истории, можно постараться за месяц найти весь материал, а потом за два написать историю группы, а там, глядишь, выйдет absolute garbage


Интервью и статьи временно отдать согласна.
Ozone interview 1996 есть!
Дневники эры s/t, я тоже нигде не находила. Может их вообще не существует? У меня есть только Road Reports 1998-99
А статьи и интервью может лучше публиковать в раздел “О Garbage в прессе и интернете” – он у нас как раз пустует…

Отредактировано Coma Black (31.05.2006 09:07)


road reports у меня тоже есть

Road Report One For '98

Garbage has been busy. We made a record, we made some videos, and we spent the summer playing in the mud-soaked festival fields of Europe. All of these things took longer than we thought they would, but we enjoyed them all immensely. Sadly, perhaps because of this, in one arena we have fallen short. We have fallen behind with our road reports. Sorry, we’ll try to behave better in the future.

Here’s what happened. Scotland and France were great, as were all those places in- between. We played in daylight at 2AM in Finland, got sunburned in Tokyo, played basketball with the Beasties in Germany, headlined the Reading Festival in the UK, shared lip gloss with Tori Amos in Belgium, and went on after Dylan in Denmark. We’re still friends, and we’re still alive, I think. Spain was good. Although Spain is very very hot in July. Bring sunscreen and aspirin. Now, we’re in America.

Actually, we’re in Denver. We’re doing pre-production (i.e. practicing) for our North American tour that will take us through the US, Canada and Mexico until the end of the year. If we can overcome the acoustics in this place we’re playing tonight I swear we can sound good anywhere. I could be wrong but the music seems to be working 500 times better than it ever has - maybe spending a full week listening closely to what we’re doing in a difficult sounding atmosphere has paid off. And learning from mistakes. Hope springs eternal. We’ve got a crew full of people working with us on this tour that are (not just in our opinion) the best anywhere, and we really think that the rest of this year is going to be a great time to see Garbage on the road. The dates are somewhere else on this site.

We’re excited about playing this fall, here and the rest of the world beyond that. Look forward to seeing you all out there, and stay tuned here for more reports from our North American tour!


P.S. Anecdotes. I forgot the anecdotes.

We just made a new video for "Special". Shirley is a singin’ cyber-princess and Duke wears some bitchin’ goggles while fighting to save the world from evil. Butch was issued a citation for reckless endangerment of a flight simulator, and Steve does not have a speaking part. You will understand this when you see the video. It was directed by Dawn Shadforth in a London studio, and she used set designers who worked on the new Star Wars and Lost In Space, who made us each our own space plane type machines. And lots of other weird stuff.

The North American tour will employ heretofore unseen lighting technology that will make Steve’s head appear to look like a basketball emblazoned with the Version 2.0 logo. The WNBA has expressed interest.

Andrea Giacobbe made "Push It" a much better video than those other videos. Screw ‘em.

Recent rumors that Garbage is recording their new album on the road with the help of Billy Corgan and Dave Grohl are inaccurate unfortunately. Now the truth can be told. Actually, we are working in Las Vegas with Siegfried and Roy on a Playstation- internet3- Prada joint venture involving white tigers, Shirley as the new Lara Croft, and gray as the new black for fall.

Duke is actually a Duke, although Butch is not actually butch. Shirley, however is definitely Shirley. I withhold opinion on Steve, since I am writing this.


но судя по строчке

We have fallen behind with our road reports.

что-то было раньше. а у тебя есть что-то более раннее?


Нет, имеющиеся у меня репорты начинаются как раз с того, который ты опубликовал… Надо спросить об этом на форуме Garbage Disco: если существуют более ранние дневники, то там уж точно кто-нибудь должен их иметь…


Coma Black написал(а):

Нет, имеющиеся у меня репорты начинаются как раз с того, который ты опубликовал… Надо спросить об этом на форуме Garbage Disco: если существуют более ранние дневники, то там уж точно кто-нибудь должен их иметь…

Как раз этоя и сделал. :)  буду ждать ответа.


я был прав. стив писал road reports еще в 96 году. лишь бы их опубликовали на garbage disco форуме, а то elfie (основательница французского фан-клуба) их куда-то потеряла


Урррра!!!! Совершенно случайно сейчас наткнулась в инете на эти старые репорты! А ведь когда специально искала, так и не нашла... Вот они:

Garbage Road Report #1

While in Dallas, Garbage learned that at the Texas Book Depository, handguns are not allowed.

ATN's latest correspondent is none other than Steve Marker, "who plays guitar, and weird computer stuff too," in Garbage . Marker tells us he likes being on the road because his hobby is collecting those little shampoo samples that you get at cheap motels, and his main concern while playing live is not bashing singer Shirley Manson with his guitar. Also contributing to this report are drummer (and ace producer) Butch Vig ("who wears headphones when he plays live; the rest of us can't figure out what he's listening to- maybe talk radio"), Duke Erikson, who plays guitar and keys and actually enjoys never sleeping and eating at truck stops, and Shirley Manson, ("aka Queen Helen, who gets along with the rest of us so well on the road mainly because her Scottish accent is so thick that we rarely have a clue as to what she is saying").

Sunday, Feb. 25th

So here's Garbage approaching the triple underpass- leaving Dallas after our first show of Tour 2, which will take us through the States for two months and Europe for one. Last night was stress city- a new set, new songs, way too much stuff to remember, but it was great to play in front of actual real live people again. Kids were knocking over the lights by the third song, the midi guitars didn't explode, the crowd was great, and Duke didn't get his head bashed in like he did in Copenhagen last year, so it was a pretty good gig. The only technical mishap was when Duke started "Milk" with the wrong keyboard patch in the sampler, and instead of the dreamy melotron sound we used on the album, he played the first verse using the "Metal Hammer" patch. Quite inspiring!!! Shirley was especially chuffed with her new microphone stand, a sparkley pink creation of her own design. The Elevator Drops are opening this part of the tour, and we think they're from outer space but we're not sure. Good band though. Afterwards we took part in some of the post-show ritual humiliation that we enjoy so much- getting our pictures taken with our new gold records from the UK, Australia, and New Zealand. About as much fun as getting your mug shot taken after getting arrested for committing some particularly embarrassing and pointless stunt, but it's really a thrill to have the records.

Things to do in Dallas, according to Garbage: wear your Green Bay Packer hat around town like Butch and hope for the best- apparently the locals have some sort of problem with this. You can try to go to the "Mansion" restaurant for dinner and get thrown out by a fake-French accent talking twit who wants "no den-eem" in his joint, you can go to the grassy knoll and the Texas Book Depository ("no handguns allowed"- apparently rifles are okay), and you can meet lots of really nice people at a cool club called Deep Ellum Live.

Looks like we're going to have to work on our rock-band vibe- the first thing that went on the tour bus VCR was Masterpiece Theater. A sad state of affairs, but things are definitely looking up- our bass player Daniel has already begun lobbying for "anything sick and violent." Next stop is Austin, where we'll get lots of sleep and vitamins, and calmly and thoughtfully prepare for our next musical performance on Monday. Unless of course they have beer there, in which case we'll probably stay out way too late, eat delicious food that is really really bad for you, get some poor hotel manager really really mad at us, and feel really really awful Monday morning, recovering just in time to put on a stonkin' show at Liberty Lunch. Tune in to ATN for the next chapter of the Garbage road diary- future exciting episodes include "Duke in New Orleans", "snowboarding with Noel and Liam", and "Garbage figures out what country Ghent is in". See ya then, your Garbage pals.

Garbage Road Report #2

Garbage Think About Oral Sex In Georgia

Can you believe this crew?

ATN's latest correspondent is none other than Steve Marker, "who plays guitar, and weird computer stuff too," in Garbage . Marker tells us he likes being on the road because his hobby is collecting those little shampoo samples that you get at cheap motels. The other members of Garbage are drummer (and ace producer) Butch Vig, Duke Erikson, who plays guitar and keys and actually enjoys never sleeping and eating at truck stops, and vocalist Shirley Manson. Here's Marker's second report:

From: Steve@ To: Jaan @ Date: Thur., Mar. 7, 1996 1:26 AM EST

Garbage has now officially survived Texas, Louisiana, and the Sunshine State- world capitol of death metal. Liberty Lunch in Austin is an old tin-roof barn that features an on-stage temperature of exactly five hundred million degrees, for which the only remedy is copious amounts of Shiner Bock. Inspired by the Texas-size disco mirror ball, we had a really good show in Houston. One purple-haired cowboy set a Garbage record by getting thrown out of the club 13 times--out he'd go, and five minutes later there he'd come surfing towards the stage again. Drove all night to New Orleans and the debris of Mardi Gras. Now there's our kind of town--a place where you can "wash the girl of your choice" (we took a rain check), and meet the "world famous chicken man," aka the voodoo king of New Orleans, who gave us all little good luck voodoo dolls. Daniel our funky bass guy also met a "chicken man," but it wasn't the world famous one. Duke went to the Dungeon on Bourbon Street, where he got 14 orders of red beans and rice for everyone on the bus. The Dungeon may be a cool goth-type noise bar, but take it from us, it is not the kind of place where you want to be ordering food at 2:30 in the morning. Go instead to the Acme Oyster Bar, which looks super lo-fi, but has incredible eats (or "tea," as Shirley would say, even if there is no tea involved)... Butch ate here several years ago and became violently ill after eating raw oysters, but he came back this time and exorcised the demons by eating a dozen and washing them down with a Dixie beer...

Road Wisdom #1: Try not to eat at sushi restaurants where the chefs name is Jose. We did and ended up eating grasshoppers in St. Petersburg. This was a bad idea, one which we shall not repeat....we'll stick to quail's eggs.

The show at the State Theater in St. Petersburg was sold out and the crowd was incredibly were running on stage and giving Shirley hugs and kisses...massive moshing which created some tense moments between the steroid-crazed bouncers and the kids being passed up to the one point Steve whipped off his acoustic guitar and had to be restrained from going head to head with one of the bouncers, who outweighed him by 240 pounds...

Road Wisdom #2: Avoid at all costs cabdrivers with guns, especially when they want to show it to you while describing their climb up the masts of "The Bounty" (the ship used in the remake of The Mutiny On...)...seems like even the police were afraid to come and get this guy down, and we got out of the cab a bit early...

Our "spring break" in Fort Lauderdale (get into town, check into the no-tell-motel for an hour, shower, go to sound check, play, leave) was a beautiful experience- Shirley befuddled the audience with the question "why is it not legal in Georgia to have oral sex with your spouse, but it is OK to marry your cousin?" They didn't seem to know how to respond, maybe because we weren't in Georgia... Pensacola was cool, as we always enjoy it immensely when a guy in the middle of the front row flips us the bird for the entire set. In Orlando we got to meet the cool dudes from Rabbit In The Moon, who did some "Queer" remixes for us that were really inspiring. Remember that name, dance fans... The Elevator Drops are amazingly still putting up with opening up for us, and we don't think they are from outer space any more. Turns out they are actually a really good band from Boston, and their new CD came out last week on Time Bomb Records, and Garbage recommends it highly. It's called Pop Bus. Life on our pop bus has been pretty tolerable, and the only real mishap has been our leaving our light guy Lee behind in Louisiana at three in the morning. Luckily, he found us in Florida, and while he still isn't speaking to us, we entertain great hopes that tonight in Chapel Hill there may be some sort of lighting on-stage... We did attempt to get some "exercise" in Carrboro by playing some golf...Duke, Steve, Butch, and Gary (the drum tech) hacked and slashed their way through seven holes before they called it was a good thing there was nobody else in sight...

After NC, we're off to Norfolk and Pittsburgh, and finally to New Jersey on Saturday, where we play with God Lives Underwater, Stabbing Westward, and Oasis. Sounds great, right? Right, except it's on a ski hill in the middle of the afternoon, outside, and there are giant ice storms predicted. Only the outside chance of seeing Shirley on a snowboard drives us on at this point. If we haven't succumbed to frostbite, we'll check back in with you through ATN next week, where you'll hear about these exciting exploits and more: sexy Columbus OH, our first ever concert in our hometown Madison, Wisconsin, featuring the world's largest guest list, and best of all, Garbage attempts to go to Europe! Check out the Garbage home page at

Garbage Road Report: Snow & Guitars Don't Mix
Everyday they learn more road wisdom.

While touring parts near and far, Garbage guitarist Steve Maker has been filing periodic reports from the road, when his bandmates--singer Shirley Manson, durmmer/producer Butch Vig and guitarist/keyboardist Duke Erikson--aren't looking. Here's Part 1 of Maker's latest:

Your Garbage friends have been remiss in reporting our doings to ATN. We can work all sorts of complicated musical gear, but can't figure out how to send e-mail from Europe. Anyway, thanks for waiting, and here's what we've been doing. Made it through the snow and ice to Pittsburgh to our first in-store signing (turnout was somewhat better than Spinal Tap's), and a sold-out show that went especially well, despite our confusion caused by the Pittsburghian tendency to put the French fries on the inside of the sandwich rather than in a cardboard container where they belong. Sometimes these on-the-road cultural discrepancies can be enough to drive you bonkers, as Shirley would say. More on the total lack of ice cubes in England later. Then, it was off through another life-threatening storm to SnOasis! This was a mid-afternoon concert on a ski hill in New Jersey in sub-zero weather featuring us, Stabbing Westward, God Lives Underwater, and Noel Gallagher acoustic for two songs.

Garbage Road Wisdom: If at all possible, try to avoid mid-afternoon concerts on ski hills in New Jersey in sub-zero weather.

We discovered that gloves and guitars don't mix, but we muscled through the set. We'll now stick to indoor gigs in the winter, thank you. Onward to beautiful Cincinnati, humming the "WKRP" theme song, and Indianapolis, where an excited fan somehow managed to cover the front rows with pepper spray during "Milk," our quietest song--somewhat spoiling the vibe. When we got to our hometown (except for Shirley because she doesn't live there) of Madison, Wisconsin, we were proud to hear that the mayor had proclaimed show day as "Garbage Day," complete with an official-looking proclamation. We were sad to discover that you don't actually get paid cash for these sort of things, but we had a great over-sold out show anyway, and celebrated to a greater extent than perhaps we should have afterwards at the Sidecar. Madison saw the world debut of our "Gizmotrons," weird electronic devices that whirr, sparkle, and flutter, and don't actually do anything at all. But they look cool! Will Garbage fall prey to further rock and roll excess and on-stage debauchery? Stay tuned.


Garbage Road Report: Kilts, Tequila & Take That

Finally (finally!) the guys meet Shirley's mum.

While touring parts near and far, Garbage guitarist Steve Maker has been filing periodic reports from the road, when his bandmates--singer Shirley Manson, drummer/producer Butch Vig and guitarist/keyboardist Duke Erikson--aren't looking. Here's Part 2 of Maker's latest:

You know those signs in airports that tell you not to joke about guns? Bassman Daniel discovered that they really really mean this as we left Wisconsin for the UK and beyond, but luckily was able to convince the cops that he was referring to his "pack of gum." Duke was almost so lucky when we touched down in Birmingham, as he was pulled over and his bags subjected to all manner of chemical testing...good thing he lives such a clean lifestyle. Our first show in Wolverhampton was an adrenaline rush, with 2,500 kids going nuts from the moment we hit the stage. WE could barely get out of the venue afterwards for all the kids waiting for us to sign their bootlegged shirts and posters. We couldn't blame them--they were cheaper and better-looking than ours, so now we've stolen the rip-off artists' ideas for our own stuff! So take that thieves! (Note to America: Take That have broken up, which is the biggest news over here since the end of WWII. They were a pop group, apparently.)

Over here Bis and the Rentals have been playing with us--two happening pop groups who really get the kids going, and who are real nice folk as well. Next stop London for our third "Top of the Pops" performance. "Stupid Girl" had come in at #4 on the charts and the album has moved to #7. We were "chuffed" as they say in the UK, as we hadn't planned on sharing a bill with Lionel Ritchie this early in our careers. After TOTP we drove all night to Shirley's stomping grounds: Scotland. The show at Glasgow's Barrowlands was fantastic (we're getting spoiled). The Scots do not rock with restraint, and neither did we as the boys donned kilts for the encore (breezy!) and finally met Shirley's mum and dad, which was kind of like a first date when you meet someone's parents, and you're wearing a skirt and no underwear. They were very nice about it though. The following show at the Apollo in Manchester was also super cool. It was a big deal for us to play one of the world's capitols of music. The London show at Brixton Academy was our biggest yet. Forty-nine hundred tickets sold and three more on the guest list! A bit of a pressure cooker, but we did pretty well as far as we could tell, and the after-show party was a gas. Nellee Hooper (the producer who works with Bjork and U2) was there, as well as Chrissie Hynde (one of our heroes), Brian Ferry (another one), Kylie Minogue, and Robbie from Take That (we didn't know who he was). The party had a theme that somehow involved tequila and everything was a little fuzzy when we left at 5 a.m.

Garbage Road Wisdom: If at all possible, try to avoid parties with themes that somehow involve tequila if you have anything at all scheduled during the next two weeks, like for example riding in an over-crowded tour bus an average of ten hours a day and making really really loud noises with electronic instruments while really really bright lights flash off and on around you and people throw shoes at you.

Future Garbage: Paris, Berlin, Pamela Anderson, hockey arenas with the Pumpkins.


Garbage Road Report: Planes, Food Poisoning, and Smelly Buses

It's good to be home.

Ever wonder what it's like to be Garbage? Well, wonder no more, thanks to our occasional Garbage Road Reports, lovingly researched and written by the band's own guitarist, Steve Maker, so you know it's accurate. Today's episode: the triumphant return home. Hi! Garbage is back in the States, having survived the rest of our European jaunt with several of our brain cells still intact. Since we last spoke, we've been through Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg, France, and Spain. Gent, we are happy to report, is in Belgium, and is a super-cool place to play due to great people and our new favorite beer, the name of which none of us can remember. We knew we were getting somewhere in our careers when we stopped in at a bar there and wrote stuff on the walls, and they didn't even throw us out! In fact, they gave us more beer for free! Sure is great being a musician! Garbage made the mistake of taking a precious day off in Berlin on some sort of German holiday, which meant that it was impossible to get even a stale bag of "crisps" (potato chips 3/4 of us call them) for dinner. Another fun show, though, then it was off to Paris where we played "Queer" on a big tv show and played at a club that asked us to keep the volume down so as to not annoy the neighbors. Good thing we couldn't understand what they were saying! Oops! Afterwards, we set an all-time Garbage record of 17 bottles of wine at dinner. And that was just Duke!

What if Garbage was asked to sum up touring Europe? They would say that it1s great, except that you never get to see anything because you are always playing or driving, and the band buses over there make Greyhounds in the states seem like luxury-liners. Unless of course you like the all-permeating stench of chemical toilets, in which case they would be right up your alley.

--Steve, Shirley, Duke, and Butch


Oooh, watch out for those frankfurters.

So Garbage is back in the States, but though the European leg of their tour is over, it certainly isn№t forgotten. Garbage guitarist (try saying that five times fast) Steve Maker has been keeping tabs on the band№s adventures. Today№s episode: Food, geography lessons and Rosanne.In Frankfurt Steve got radically ill from some bad frankfurters, and played the entire show trying not to vomit and playing approximately 3% of his guitar parts correctly. He was a bit chagrined to find that his fellow bandmates felt that this was the best Garbage had ever played up until that point. Luxembourg was our first contact with non-Arctic weather the entire tour, which we enjoyed although we never really figured out whether Luxembourg is a city or a country. We eventually decided it was both. A bartender there threw a shot glass at us in some bizarre native ritual, which shattered and flew into Butch's eye, which then entitled us to free drinks for the rest of the night. We simply can't believe the good luck we are experiencing on this tour! We flew to Madrid to spend a day talking into little tape recorders and enjoy more fabulous food, then it was back to Frankfurt, where we played a festival with Smashing Pumpkins, Cypress Hill, Sonic Youth, Afghan Whigs, and many others. This thing went so late, we were actually able to hit the town after our set and still get back to the hotel in time to see the end of it on live TV. One more show in Leeds, broadcast live on BBC1, and it was off to the states and beautiful LA, where we played "Only Happy" on a new TV show called "Saturday Night Special". We were supposed to be introduced by Pamela Anderson, but she wasn't there so somebody else we didn't know did it. Coolio was very nice, though, and we got to see Rosanne throw one of her famous temper tantrums! Wow! Then we played a set on "Modern Rock Live" from the famous Capitol Hollywood studios where Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin used to hang out and wear hats. In a shining example of modern tour-routing, we then played Montreal the next night, which was lovely since we've gone gold in Canada. This stop also featured our first-ever in-store signing extravaganza, which surprised us as it was attended by twice as many kids as anybody thought would show up. Daniel our bassman got so worked up that he fell down the stairs and nearly broke his arm in two right before the encores, wreaked havoc with the low end on Vic Chestnutt's іKick My AssІ and our own іGirl Don't Come.І

Anyway, this brings you nearly up-to-date with what's been happening to Garbage--next up: Lost Luggage, Hanging With Tricky, and More Gizmotrons!

Steve, Shirley, Duke, and Butch

Garbage Road Report, Part 4
Helpful hint: wear a black T-shirt every night.

We know you all want to be rock stars. But really, it's not all glamour and groupies. Just ask Steve Maker, guitarist for Garbage. In this, the fourth in a series of road reports from Steve, experience the reality of being Garbage: emergency rooms, lost luggage and Yoo-Hoo cocktails:Here's more Garbage news! We went to Boston after Montreal, where we actually played live "unplugged" on the radio (if Kiss and Rod Stewart can do it, so can we, dammit), and that night we played with Black Grape and Letters To Cleo, who helped us out with the hometown crowd by sending Kay out to wave a video camera at us as we were trying to play. NYC was next, which was scary for us since the last time we played there it was only our seventh show--hopefully we're a lot better now. About three thousand kids at Roseland seemed to think so, thankfully, and we were much relieved as we made our Lifebeat (AIDS research benefit) after-show party, which was too crowded for us to get into, so we went to another bar and met Tricky, one of our current musical favorites, and proceeded to shout nonsense at one another until about five in the morning. And there was a guy from Metallica there too--talk about your star-studded events! He didn't know who we were, though. From there we went to Richmond for a multi-band radio festival thing, which was fun except by this point Shirley's health had disintegrated to the point that she had to go to the emergency room right afterwards. This touring stuff really takes its toll, although she was cheered up by the state troopers trying to put the moves on her as she was being examined--thanks, Virginia! Making this stop just a little bit more fun for Shirl was the failure of her bag to arrive with the rest of ours. Thanks Continental Airlines! Nothing like playing a series of shows in the same set of garments to make a girl feel pretty!

Garbage Road Wisdom: If you only ever wear black tee shirts on stage, nobody will know how many nights you've been wearing the same shirt. Also, a cocktail made from vodka and Yoo-Hoo isn't actually as good as it sounds.

--Steve, Shirley, Duke, and Butch

To be continued...

Garbage Road Report, Part 5

"Helloooooo Lithuania!"

One doesn't usually think of a rock band as good-natured, but Steve Marker, guitarist for Garbage, is going to change all that. Here's the last of his Road Reports (for now anyway). This episode: Television Rumpleminz, Gizmotrons, and Future Plans: DC and Philly rocked as always, and we got to stand in front of a camera for three hours and say things like "hello, Lithuania, you're watching Music Television Rumpleminz 44.7, and this is our new video "Stupid Girl." Ciao!" Once again we were reminded how glad we are to be musicians. Our friend Mike from Smart Studios has been constantly updating our patented Gizmotron system, which is really starting to spruce up the live show. We're not sure what the gizmotrons do, but they have flashing lights and are a real pain in the ass for the crew guys, so we feel they're worth it. The latest versions made their debut in Toronto, where we got our Gold Canadian discs and Steve got food poisoning again (a pattern of sickness is beginning to emerge on this tour, with one member falling prey to some bizarre ailment, with the rest following in one-week intervals). Oh yeah, we also found out that we had "gone gold" (sold lots of records) in the US, which is about as big a thrill as anyone could get- now maybe we can ask for doors on the dressing room toilets. Rochester was one of those towns where we had no idea what to expect- lucky for us it turned our to be one of the most mosh-happy and sweatiest crowds we've played to yet. Then came Milwaukee, which has historically been a tough place musically for the boys- we've played there for years with varying degrees of success, mostly varying towards the less successful end of the spectrum. But this night was different! Hallelujah, the curse was lifted! The kids went nuts, and one super fired-up guy leapt up on stage, danced with Shirley and Duke, and executed a perfect swan dive back out to the tenth row. We were impressed. Metro in Chicago has always been cool (it's where the boys first saw Shirley sing live), and it went well again this time. All ages shows rule. Then we went to CRC, a studio in Chicago, to work on a remix of Milk with Tricky... it sounds pretty groovy, and his vocal is the first ever male vocal on a Garbage song. Duke's fortune cookie at dinner said "you have a curious smile and a mysterious nature", which has caused him to walk around grimacing strangely, and seems to fit the rather odd nature of the Garbage/Tricky remix. Stay tuned- we're off to Denver and points west tomorrow, with many escapades to report we expect. Oh yeah- did we mention that we're out this summer (late June through July) with Smashing Pumpkins? Coming soon to your local Enormodome- read all about it in Addicted To Noise.

Sincerely, your very tired Garbage pals.

Garbage Road Report: MTV, Kiss & More (Part 6) {about 7/8/96}

Kiss thinks Garbage "rocks."

During the past year Garbage guitarist Steve Marker has been filing road reports with Addicted To Noise. Here's his latest. This episode: Who are those men in makeup and platform boots, and why are they following us?

Life in Garbage-land has been very strange indeed since we last filed a report. To bring y'all up to date- we've done dozens of our own shows with the mighty Polara opening up, and we've shared the bill at lots of radio festival shows with dozens of other alternative faves like... well, just about every group that's on MTV right now. For bands, these shows can suck or they can be great depending on the time slot you get- the crowd can be more into tanning and frisbees if its too early, or more worried about finding their rides home if its too late. We were generally pretty lucky in this respect, and didn't get too much stuff thrown at us. Playing DC's RFK Stadium in front of 65,000 mosh-crazed sun worshipers was enough to kill any
vestiges of stage fright we might have still had, and we got to see lots of great bands like the Foo Fighters, who rock
like nobodies business as well as being (tied with No Doubt) the nicest folks in music today. We played one
song on the MTV Movie awards, which was different from most gigs in that we usually don't have Jamie Lee Curtis asking us for our autographs and Kiss, in full regalia, telling us you guys rock in falsetto rock-guy voices just before we go on stage.

The after-party featured legions of fabulously-dressed Californians, as well as a free bar, so it was
with much pain and remorse that we boarded a plane at six the next morning for Mexico City,
where we schmoozed the Latin American press and played a wonderful gig at the Metropolitan
Theater- seems the best shows are often in places where they don't get rock bands coming through
every five minutes. We were happy to meet several ATN devotees there, and other than Duke's
best guitar getting stolen by air-freight handlers and Shirley getting violently ill, it was definitely the
best Garbage trip to Mexico so far this year. Then it was back to the States for more festivalizing in
San Francisco and the big one- KROQ's Weinie Roast, where we once again ran into Kiss- this
time in the form of gigantic inflatable action figures looming over us as we tried to ignore the blaring
sun, desert heat, and lingering Montezuma's Revenge while we played. Garbage survived in style as
always, but it was a relief to get back to a small dark club the next night in Santa Barbara, and
we're really sorry that we made so much noise that the city closed it for good the next day.

Here's part two of his latest report, filed at the beginning of this month, which he calls "Who are those
men in makeup and platform boots, and why are they following us?"

But what, you might ask yourself, is Garbage doing right now? We're opening up for
the Smashing Pumpkins, that's what! So far we've played in Saginaw, Indianapolis,
and two shows in Detroit- one at the enormous Palace of Auburn Hills, and one at the
smaller State Theater, which was like playing a neighborhood house party after the
enormo-domes. At the Palace we were very surprised to look down in the pit during
"Stupid Girl" and see-- Gene Simmons sticking his tongue out at Shirley! Wow! It was
really scary! Afterwards he came backstage with members of his family and discussed
pyrotechnics with us. At this point we wouldn't be surprised to see Kiss jump out of
the bushes and launch into "Christine, Sixteen" the next time we go to do our laundry.
The arena audiences have been super nice to us (so far), especially since we're just the
opening act, and doing shows like this is a huge thrill--we can't believe that we're
actually being allowed to have this much fun and call it working. The Pumpkins are
playing really well--their show is usually about two and a half hours long, and must
include just about every song they've done on record and then some. Jimmy's
[Chamberlin] still the king of drums, and they've got the biggest spaceship-shaped light
tower we've ever seen, video projections, an additional keyboard/drum guy, timpani,
and security that makes CIA headquarters look like a middle school open house. It's a
real rock show ladies and gentlemen--bring plenty of lighters! The road show hits
Buffalo tonight, and we'll be checking back in with more Garbage Road Reports soon
in Addicted To Noise! Coming up: Even bigger arenas, The Reading Festival, Japan,
Butch gets new shoes.


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но нудное это дело однако ж

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Дело стоящее. Готов оказать посильную помощь (переводы интервью и т.п.) Единственное - вам все время придется мне что нибудь «подсовывать», поскольку человек я крайне безынициативный


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не, на википедию я работать не хочу, но есть идея оформить биографию, как я оформлял тексты альбомов bleed like me и beautifulgarbage, а за предложение помочь - спасибо огромное, так как когда сядем это делать, то объемы работы будут большие


а вы знали, что полное имя нашей Ширл Shirley Patricia Ann Manson?
лично я только что узнала... ужас!


Про Ann знал, ШМ даже в дневниках так иногда подписывалась, но то что она еще и Patricia . . .  откуда инфа ?


нормальное имя, по-моему :)


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