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1996.01 "Shirley - Q & A", Melody Maker

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Shirley Manson of Garbage

How did you feel as 1995 began?

How long did you feel that way?
I still feel that way.

What was your favourite album of 1995?
"I Should Coco"-Supergrass

Which gig did you enjoy the most?
R.E.M. in Chicago (June).

Which record did you most hate I prefer to listen to the ones I love.

What was the year's most moving experience?
The birth of my friend's baby, Gina.

What was the non-event of 1995?
I didn't notice.

Who were the man and woman of the year?
My mum and dad, of course.

Jerk of the year?
Too many to mention, but the one Hugh Grant got was pretty memorable.

Who made the biggest impression on you this year?
My wee sister.

Who do you prefer, Blur or Oasis?
At what?

What was 1995's biggest hype?
The OJ trial, obviously.

What was your favourite film/tv show of the year?

" What was your favourite book of the year?
"Miss Smilla's Feeling For Snow"-Peter Hogg.

What was your most original thought this year?
I didn't have one.

What was the rudest thing you said? To whom?
I said "testicles" to Kennedy (MTV VJ).

What was your most unusual sexual experience?
Define your terms. What's unusual?

Who is the sexiest: Jarvis, Liam or Damon? And why?
Liam, cos he's got bigger feet.

Who is the sexiest: Justine, Sonya or Louise Sleeper? And why?
Justine, cos she doesn't care a whit.

What made you laugh?
Duke Erikson-repeatedly.

What made you cry?
I'm not quite sure.

What did you spend most money on in 1995?
British Telecom.

How do you feel as 1995 ends?
Like I want to go home.

What do you want from 1996?
Health and happiness.


1996.01 "Shirley - Вопросы и Ответы", Melody Maker
Shirley Manson из Garbage

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Вы здесь » Garbage | Not Your Kind of People » Garbage в прессе » 1996.01 "Shirley - Q & A", Melody Maker