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1996.08.08 "Raves", Rolling Stone

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Shirley Manson of Garbage

"Corelli's Mandolin"
Louis de Bernieres (Pantheon) I read it from cover to cover on a recent plane ride to the U.S. from Scotland and barely
noticed the weirdo next to me who kept talking into a plastic phone! It left me elated. Although it exposes the ugliness of human
nature, it illuminates the beauty, too.

Myer's and Tonic
Take a tall glass, add ice, a generous shot of Myer's Dark rum and a touch of tonic. Pop in lime and raise this concoction to
your lips. Sit back and enjoy! Simply sublime.

Brian Laudrup
Danish forward (Glasgow Rangers, Scotland) A glorious footballer who plays with awe-inspiring finesse and who's in
possession of the most gorgeous pair of thighs in tight white shorts I've ever seen in my life. God bless you, sir.

"Frank Sinatra: The Capitol Years"
(Capitol/EMI) A song for every occassion, every mood, every moment. I will never tire of him.

Guerlain's Nahema Perfume
I feel completely unlike myself if I don't wear it. It's a strange scent, but I love it, and I confess it's a luxury I can barely live

"Il Postino"
Directed by Michael Radford I watched this film on the tour bus a few weeks ago, and it's absolutely unmissable. It's beautiful
and simple but profound and moving. I hurt inside when I think about it.

The Orkney Islands
The most exquisite place in the world. The islands are just off the coast of Scotland and house an abundance of tombs and
standing stones that date back 5,000 years. They are at once terrifying and yet strangely comforting. This is a sacred place that
pulls at my heart.

Jack Russell Terriers
My favorite breed of dog, still officially unrecognized by the powers that be! The dogs are smart, brave and notoriously difficult
to train. Unthwartable spirit - I admire that.


1996.08.08 "Восхищенные отзывы" ("Raves"), Rolling Stone

Ширли Мэнсон из Garbage

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Спасиба !!!  :yahoo: Оптом за все четыре перевода  :)


Это еще не все! Просто вчера сервер начал глючить... Готовы еще 4 перевода :)

Вы здесь » Garbage | Not Your Kind of People » Garbage в прессе » 1996.08.08 "Raves", Rolling Stone