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1999.10 "Shirley's Lesbian Kiss ", Kerrang!

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GARBAGE singer Shirley Manson canoodles with another woman in the video for the bands forthcoming 'James Bond single "The World Is Not Enough".

Kerrang! were exclusively invited onto the set for a sneak preview. The video's surreal storyline sees the band booked to play in front of a star-studded audience at the fictional New Globe Theatre. While Shirley is preparing for the show, evil scientists are constructing a Manson look-alike android, in which they plant a bomb. The android visits Shirley in her dressing room, kills her with a kiss and proceeds to play the gig in the singer's place. As the song reaches its climax, the bomb inside the android explodes, causing carnage.

Shirley plays both the android and herself in the video, and in one scene snogs a lookalike model acting as her double. "This isn't the worst way to spend your day" the singer quipped during a break from filming. "That girl's neck is so sweet."

Garbage's new single, the theme song for the new James Bond movie "The World Is Not Enough", was written by British composer David Arnold with lyrics supplied by long-standing Bond lyricist Don Black. A classic Bond tune, Garbage's song features Shirley Manson crooning: "The world is not enough, but it's such a perfect place to start" over a lush orchestral backing. Manson described recording the song as "nerve-wracking but thrilling".

Garbage's "The World Is Not Enough" single will be released on November 15 through Radioactive/MCA. The full soundtrack LP of the same name follows on November 22, while the movie itself hit's cinemas on November 26.

Shirley and co have also contributed songs to two other movie soundtracks.

"When I Grow Up" features on the soundtrack LP of the new Adam Sandler flick "Big Daddy", which is out now. The band have also appeared on the soundtrack album of US TV series "Buffy the Vampire Slayer", with the track "Temptation Waits". The "Buffy..." album is out on November 8 via Columbia.

Lastly, the quartet's cover of the Jam's "Butterfly Collector", which was previously issued as a B-side, will appear on the Jam tribute album "Fire & Skill", which is due for release on November 1 through Ignition.

New Garbage, new danger - The latest songs rock...

On the video set, Garbage drummer Butch Vig invited Kerrang! onto the band's winnebago to give us a exclusive preview of a brand new track "Silence is Golden", which is destined to appear on the band's forthcoming B-sides album. The song - which Vig laughingly described as "a proper B-side, because it took us less than 24 hours to record" - is the band's heaviest recording to date. Another new track, "Til The Day I Die", is also set for inclusion.

Vig also unveiled "The Chill-Out Mix" of "The World Is Not Enough" which is likely to be the single's B-side in the UK but the A-side in America. The mix downplays the Bond sound in favour of a more easily recognizable Garbage style. Vig completed this alternative version himself last week with fellow Garbage men Duke Erikson and Steve Marker at their own Smart Studios in Madison, Wisconsin.

The quartet are currently debating whether their forthcoming album should focus on previously released B-sides or new remixes. As yet untitled, the LP is currently scheduled for release in April 2000.


1999.10 Лесбийский Поцелуй Ширли, Kerrang!

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Пасибо  ^^

Песня - которую Виг смеясь описывает как "правильный (настоящий) B-side, потому что на его запись ушло меньше, чем 24 часа" - самая тяжелая запись группы на сегодняшний день.

Вот бы они так альбомы пекли, месяц и готово  :angry:

Отредактировано Pasha (15.05.2008 19:59)


Пасибы за труд. Пара слов:

Фантом написал(а):

Новом Мировом Театре (New Globe Theatre)

Имхо, театр следует называть "Нью-глоб" (говорят же, допустим, "Метрополитен-опера").

Фантом написал(а):

вызывая резню

Все таки резня - это когда с ножами :) Мой вариант - "вызывая кровопролитие", ну или политкорректно "вызывая многочисленные жертвы".


eyedol написал(а):

Все таки резня - это когда с ножами  Мой вариант - "вызывая кровопролитие", ну или политкорректно "вызывая многочисленные жертвы".

Хотелось оставить как можно ближе к оригиналу, хотя сперва думал о более "гладком" переводе :)

Вы здесь » Garbage | Not Your Kind of People » Garbage в прессе » 1999.10 "Shirley's Lesbian Kiss ", Kerrang!