Grab your cosmetics bag and pull up a mirror, as Garbage lead singer Shirley manson shares a few tips with our Cindi Cook about the womanly rite of making up.
Nylon: So let's talk about your love of makeup. Where did you get your obsession?

Shirley Manson: Ever since I was very young, I've been madly in love with makeup. I remember watching my mother apply her lipstick; as little as I
was, I loved watching that ritual. I think the whole thing is very Zen.   
NY: I love it too. I'm a Chanel addict. I recently laid out around  $130 at the Chanel counter at Saks.
    SM: You're bad
    NY: Yeah, I always go there for just one thing and inevitably buy  more than I need. The lipsticks are the best; I just bought "Temptress," this
killer plummy color. So you take your time with it then?
    SM: I think it's a moment in the day when you can pamper yourself;  I enjoy indulging in it. I don't think brunettes or blondes realize just how much redheads have to go through to bring out our features.  We're born more or less without eyelashes or eyebrows. A redhead's face is a total blank canvas; if my
eyebrows and eyelashes are hidden, I look awful.
    NY: Do you wear makeup all the time, or just in public?
    SM: Obviously if I'm performing...I don't think I could go on stage without makeup. Since I've gotten older, though, I've learned to relax. There was a time when I couldn't be seen without makeup; I wouldn't be seen in public without the full thing on.
    NY: Lots of women feel that way. What about your eyes?
    SM: I stopped of late wearing eyeshadow. I guess I just wanted to change the way I was making them
up. Now I use Eight Hour Cream by Elizabeth Arden.
    NY: Oooh, what's that?
    SM: It's for applying anywhere, on your face or body, really. It's sort of thick - almost like a Vaseline consistency; I use it on my eyelids. It's fantastic because you can use it as a lip balm, so  many ways. A lot of makeup artists keep a tube of it in their bag.
    NY: I just bought this stuff from Chanel, it's called Satin Eye Color - in Beige Taffeta. It's the best stuff! You just put a little dab on each eyelid and smooth it in, and it gives you this sheen - you barely notice it. You can wear it over and under your eyeshadow, or alone. It's awesome.
    SM: Wow. I'll have to try that.
    NY: What colors do you prefer?
    SM: I love dark shades - purple, reds, rhapsody. Rhapsody is actually my preferred shade. I've become very open minded regarding lipsticks. I've discovered cheap ones can be as good as the expensive sort. And the best is Shu Uemura - they have this lip palette thing where I like to mix different lipstick shades together. I think every woman should go out and buy one of these. I'm a bit of a makeup snob, but I think Japanese companies are the best - so beautifully packaged. You can also do it by mail order - sitting in your bedroom and poring over catalogs is the best.
    NY: That's when you know it's bad. Describe your beauty routine, if you have one.
    SM: I only use Dermologica products. I don't use anything else on my face because it reddens my skin; I can't live without it. I track it down in every city, wherever i am. I have it bookmarked on my computer.  If I can't find it, I start to freak! It's for any skin, but the way it's formulated makes a huge difference.
    NY: So you never use anything on your skin - not even like soap?
    SM: The idea of that makes my toes curl! It gives me the creeps. I've never used soap on my skin and I never would. I used to just use cream - that's it. I couldn't stand the sensation of water on my skin. My skin felt really tight afterwards. Now I use a cream, I use a gel cleanser, and then a very fine facial toner and moisturizer - all Dermologica.
    NY: What other products do you find indispensable?
    SM: I can't live without Tigi, an amazing leave-in conditioner from London. And I love Aveda Madder Root shampoo for warm and red tones. And Clarins hand cream.
    NY: Do you do your nails?
    SM: I do my nails every day, but I have an official manicure whenever I get the time. I am now officially "off" colored nails and "do" a French manicure only!
    NY: What would be your dream product, if you could invent one?
    SM: Something you could spray onto curly hair that would immediately render it straight and glossy - in five minutes flat!
    NY: Do you like other people doing your makeup?
    SM: there are certain people I work with all the time who do my makeup wonderfully and make me look better than I could have ever imagined. Then again, I've worked with many who manage to make me look wierder and uglier than ever. Thanks, but no thanks.
    NY: How often do you subtly color your hair, and do you change it, subtly even?
    SM: I color my hair every six weeks. Yes, I change it subtly every so often.
    NY: Are you thinking of changing your look at any time, like really dramatically?
    SM: Hmmm..... I think about it all the time. doesn't everyone?