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Ширли будет чествовать Pretenders

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Очередная серия программы "Decades Rock Live" канала VH1 будет посвящена группе Pretenders: будут показаны выступления самой группы, а также специальных гостей – Игги Попа, Ширли Мэнсон, Incubus и Kings Of Leon. Концерт будет записан 11 августа в Атлантик-Сити, а показан в начале осени.
Не понятно только, Ширли будет выступать или лишь речь толкать... Хотелось бы первое.

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да, точно, забыл я это у себя на сайте запостить. надеюсь, ширл будет там петь :)


Да, Ширли у нас речи толкать отлично умеет (даже если волнуется и читает по бумажке:)), но очень уж хочется, чтобы она спела – она не пела на публике уже аж 9 месяцев (последний раз на концерте в Перте, Австралия 01.10.05). Тем более, это мероприятие посвящено ее любимым Pretenders!


а че только по vh1 будут показывать?


Да, потому что эта программа идет в рамках канала VH1


ну некоторые программы VH1 показывают же по MTV......


о, этому появилось подтверждение на оф. сайте *а он вообще-то работает или как?*


а че только по vh1 будут показывать?

Авось какой-нибудь добрый человек запишет и выложит


ой как бы я радовалась...


эта пятница - уже 11 августа. так что ждать осталось недолго, но поскольку по выходным я на форум не захожу, то вся надежда на вас. по-любому фотки с этого мероприятия будут на (по идее вот эта ссылка должна вести на страницу с фотками ширли|0|0|-1|28|0|0|0|1|||0|0|0|0|0|0|0|0|7||shirley manson|2233391784121335|0|0|0|0&p=7&tag=1 ). также фотки будут и на других форумах, ну и, наконец, в новостях на google. да и на оф.сайте что-нибудь да будет. дерзайте!

еще фотки есть на , но там только превьюшки
а размером побольше - только за деньги. слава богу на Gettyimages дают посмотреть побольше, хоть и с ватермаркой.


мне кажется навряд ли она будет выступать одна…скорее всего говорить просто будет что-нибудь


выступала наша ширли, конечно же, не одна, а с солисткой pretenders. сам концерт-то был долгим, но там выступало несколько групп. с ширли они спели песни "talk of the town", "kid" и.... OHWIR. ну и в конце все артисты исполнили "middle of the road" на бис.
так что потом будет на что посмотреть.

а вот пока несколько обзоров с разных форумов:


I just got back from Atlantic City. The show was, in my opinion, phenomenal. Basically, it was just one long kick-ass concert with a few breaks for equipment breakdown/setup. I've heard when they air the show, it includes interview bits, but none of that took place at tonights performance. I don't recall all the details of the show, so I'll just relate the parts that included our girl Shirl. The rest I'll skim over.

Incubus opened with a couple of songs before Chrissie joined them on stage to perform "Drive" (Incubus' big hit). Then there was a break to reset some of the equipment.

Then the Pretenders came out and Chrissie introduced Shirley and called her onto the stage. Shirley was visibly nervous. It seemed Chrissie expected her to say something, but Shirley just said something like, "Let's just get on with it, so I can loosen up and relax."

They went into "Talk of the Town". It was amazing. Shirley must have been working on her vocals these past months, because this was her first song out of the box, and she was spot on. I mean they nailed that song. What a beautiful duet.

Then they did another Pretenders song with which I wasn't familiar. Also excellent. I just wish I'd known the song beforehand so I could really appreciate it.

Then they paused between songs, and they congratulated themselves on sounding so good, explaining that they'd been up 'til 2 am the night before in Chrissie's hotel room. I think they said they were up all night drinking tea. That's hardcore rock-n-roll, right there ;)

Also, at some point in there, Shirley appeared a bit flustered and commented on the craziness of performing with her own idol. Chrissie egged her on a bit, saying "Shirley Manson, this is your life."

Then Chrissie mentioned how excited she was to have the opportunity to play the next song with Shirley. Much to my delight, they launched into OHWIR. They traded off verses, and Shirley would sing the main "Pour your misery down" and Chrissie picked up the background "Pour your misery" vocals, the way it's heard on the album. Absolutely cool as hell. Chrissie messed up a bit at the end, but they had a laugh over it. Not unlike your average Garbage show.

Next the Kings of Leon played with the Pretenders, and then Iggy Pop. Mixed in there, the Pretenders also played a ton of stuff by themselves. It was all an excellent performance. A lot to enjoy, even for not being familiar with most of what I was hearing.

For the finale, everyone came onstage and they performed "Middle of the Road". That was an absolute blast! Chrissie at her mic, flanked on either side by Shirley and Iggy, and the three of them surrounded by what seemed like countless men with guitars. They traded off verses and shared the chorus. Shirley got to do the counting bit, getting up in Chrissie's face while Chrissie wailed on guitar.

In short, it was well worth the price of admission. Definitely more than I'd expected. I can't wait to see it again on TV, and I hope they don't cut out the cool interactions between songs. It was a bit of a unique experience, watching Shirley perform with Chrissie. I was more excited for her than I was for myself. Go Shirl! ;)


well i guess my report is a little late. I was so damn drunk i dont really have much to add. Its been a long time since i last saw shirley (Amsterjam last year) and it has been re-affirmed that she is the most beautiful person i have ever seen..... She looks like she is in really great shape, and that she has been taking care of herself...

a little side note....I had decent seats, but not really. So i slipped the usher a 20 and he hooked my up with FRONT ROW.... Well.. not exactly front, they had this little area directly in front which was standing room only...they were like in the stage.....but then there was the normal rows.. and i was in the first row of them... either way a huge upgrade.

heres a couple of pics i managed with my razr.. pretty crappy quality.. like i said, i was drunk and was trying to be quick because they wouldnt allow real cameras in....sorry about that.. but im sure we will all be watching when VH1 airs it.....

dupacrash, … 1155441454

just got back from AC. here's what happened. first of all if you go there don't stray too far from the boardwalk. comedian alan king said it best - "atlantic city is gorgeous....if you arrive by boat." got to trump taj mahal about 3:30 pm. ran into billy bush in the casino. so i knew right away shirley was there and there wouldn't be any last minute cancellation. went to the hard rock cafe in the hotel for lunch. brandon from incubus was there eating a veggie burger. the manager gave him his meal for free because he signed an autograph for his wife. met a pair of grabage fans from new jersey who wanted to meet shirley. met a trio of incubus fans who wanted to meet them. told them to go to the HRC cafe and they wound up meeting the whole band, so they were thrilled. met another woman who was a pretenders fanatic. she had a pair of $150 second row center seats she bought on auction from she gave me her extra ticket. i gave her mine and she scalped it and i let her keep the money. seemed fair. so we're waiting in line to get in and somebody from the vh1 production crew started handing out bracelets to get into the pit in front of the stage. so i got to sit even closer. the show starts and incubus play two songs that i believe are from their upcoming album. then chrissie hynde came out and sang incubus' "drive" with them. then martin chambers came out and played "message of love". intermission. then the full band came out and played a bunch of pretenders songs. then they brought shirley out. she wore all black. shorts, heels, stockings and sleveless hoodie. she had her hair pulled back in a bun. basically she looked like a funkier version of how she looked in the "these things" video. i could tell when she walked she was nervous and apprehensive. you could see it on her face. once she started singing she loosened up. she even started smiling. she and chrisse did "talk of the town" and "kid". then the guys in the pretenders were noodling something familiar on their instruments and i knew they were about to kick into OHWIR. when they did it got a big reaction from the crowd. it was like the people who didn't know who shirley was said "oh, that's who she is". kings of leon and iggy pop were really good, but i'd seen what i wanted to see. luckily i stayed because everyone came out for an encore. all the singers took turns on "middle of the road". there were computer monitors at the foot of the stage scrolling the lyrics so the singers could read them. shirley was the only one not looking at them the whole time. so the show ends. i start wandering around the casino hoping to bump into shirley just to say hello. she signed enough things for me over the years. i wind up running into the two garbage fans and the three incubus fans in front of a bar that's been roped off by hotel security. i'd just missed chrissie going in. they said she was pretty curt to them. signed a couple of things but didn't talk to them. so we wait hoping the others might show up. not two minutes went by before shirley and incubus came down the hallway. nobody even had to ask. they came over to us. they signed autographs. took pictures. very cool. i was waiting at the end of the line of garbage fans. when shirley saw me she smiled and said "hey, how ya' doing" very enthusiastically and shook my hand with both of hers. i told her how great it was to see her and to hear her sing again. a little small talk. then she went on her way. i'd been up about 21 hours at that point. so that was pretty much the perfect ending to a long day.

[реклама вместо картинки]

[реклама вместо картинки]

Saturday, August 12, 2006
Alright so last night was the Pretenders & Friends (Shirley Manson, Iggy Pop, Kings of Leon & Incubus) concert in Atlantic City. August 11th, 2006 will forever go down in history as the very best night of my life.

I want to tell this story in its entirety so that I am certain I don't forget anything when recalling this day in the future..

I spent the last two days before the concert trying to figure out a way for Constance and I to get back stage before the show. I did a little research online, and every strategy appeared to quite difficult and dangerous. So I came up a simple little plan of my own. The concert started at 9 so I figured that the sound check would start around 3ish. So we left the house at 2:30 and we arrived in AC by 3:30, hoping to be able to get inside the rehearsal. We tried going through the front doors to get in but obviously they were locked, and I was not ready to give up. So we went around the side of the theatre and out the back door where the trucks that contained all of the equiptment for the show were located. Apparently the doors on the back end of the building open up to backstage and there were many members of the crew outside, taking the cigarette breaks between setting up the stage and making adjustments. One of the crew members was named Shek and he smiled at us every time he came outside to sweep the cigarette butts off of the steps. We sat down near the crew, content to listen to the sound check, and hoping that one of them might let us in. No such luck. We told them that we really wanted to meet Shirley Manson (me) and Brandon Boyd (con) but they told us there was nothing they could do to help without risking their jobs. We understood, but we continued to wait.

A little while later, an older man with straggly blonde hair came limping through the door. I took one look at him and immediately recognized him as Iggy Pop. Despite his intimidating looks, we approached him and kindly asked him for a picture. He smiled and laughed and said he'd allow us to take one with him. We thanked him and walked away so he could have his privacy. He went back inside and we continued to wait on the steps.

By this point every member of the crew knew that I was there to meet Ms. Manson. Finally, after her set had wrapped inside, one of the guys told me he was going to go inside and try to bring her out to see me. I felt like I was immediately going to pass out. I could not believe that it was actually going to happen. I was going to meet Shirley Manson. I could hardly catch my breath. But soon he came back out and said that he wasn't able to bring her outside because she was still tied up doing things to prepare for the show. I was crushed but I understood.

Meanwhile, Shek had overheard all of this and soon he came running outside with a paper in his hand. He said "I couldn't get her to come outside but I wanted you to have this because you've been out here all day.." And he thrust an autograph into my hand. I could feel my eyes welling up and I couldn't talk. He went inside again before I could say thank you and the rest of the crew looked at me strangely as I started crying. I'd never been that happy before.

I decided that I couldn't leave without thanking him, so Constance and I continued to wait behind the arena. We stood there for a while, and by this point we were practically alone because all of the cigarette breaks were over. An older man wearing shorts and a sweaty white t-shirt with a bathrobe on top came outside for his cigarette break. While we'd had to initiate conversation with all of the stage crew, he walked right over to us and asked us who we were there to see. I moved my hair off of my shoulders and showed him my Garbage t-shirt, with Shirley's picture on the front. He said "Yeah Shirley - she's great. Very good." He extended his hand to us, "I'm the drummer from the Pretenders. Yeah I've been with Chrissie [Hynde] for 18 years now." we both were shocked. I told him he was amazing. I told him I had absolutely no words to describe how amazing he really was. He noticed the guitar pick on my neck and he asked me what I play. I told him guitar, some keyboards even though I'm not very good, and I sing. He told me not to worry about not being great because you can practice and you'll get better. Then he looked at Con who said "I'm just a dancer." And to her he replied, "Never say you're just anything." I felt a whole new fondness for him when he said that. Then he bent down and started talking to the pidgeons that were on the steps where we stood. I bent down next to him and he point to one of the them and said "That one's the female." Then he pointed to another one and said "That one's the male. You can tell because he has a bigger bump above him beak. You know that pidgeons are decendents of the rock dove family? Actually, there's a bat inside there." He pointed to the arena. "At least there was one flying around there yesterday. I don't know if its there any more." He sighed. "I better get going. Have fun tonight." We wish him luck and he thanked us and went inside.

We waited outside a little longer, but soon the soundcheck was over and the stage crew told us that everybody was in their dressing rooms already. None of them would be coming out before the show. We were about to leave when one of the crew members handed us blue wristbands and said that we could use them to go into the mosh pit. We had no idea what he was talking about, but that was ok. We put on the bracelets and went back inside thorugh the casino feeling slightly defeated. When we got inside, we saw a member of Incubus sitting at a table with his friends. Con asked him for a picture and he accepted. Now long after, I saw a guy wearing a shirt with "garbage" on it and I asked him if he was part of the crew. He said he wasn't but he knew the band members a little bit, having met them about six times and having seen them perform about 17 times. We talked for a little while and we swapped stories about our common love of the band and of course our common love of Ms. Manson. I mentioned that Con really wanted to meet Brandon Boyd and Bill told us that he'd seen him at the Hard Rock Cafe about an hour ago. We thanked him and ran to the Hard Rock. We looked around the restaurant but didn't see him, so we asked the hostess if he was still there. She said she couldn't tell us where he was but if we went to lookat all the memorabilia on the walls we might want to pay special attention to the people seated at table 64. As luck would have it, we caught a rare glimpse of him and we waited at the front of the restaurant until he was finished eating. He emerged with a few of his friends and I asked him if he'd take a picture with Con, which he said he would. He talked to us for a minute but was quickly forced to move because of other anxious fans.

We left the Hard Rock, and Con was on cloud 9. I, on the other hand, was feeling pretty sad because we'd met everyone under the sun with the exception of my heroine. After that, we just killed time until the show. We got in line and when the doors opened we realised what the guy had meant about the mosh pit. There was a giant hole in the middle of the stage. We were going to be inside the stage, literally 2 feet away from the different artists. (Not to mention that we were going to be on TV.) Anyway, we watched the concert and it was awesome. Ms. Hynde and Ms. Manson were particularly wonderful and i was elated to see them sing together. During one of the breaks I started talking to the guy standing behind me who mentioned that the after party was going to be held at the Taj Mahal lounge, called Ego. I made a mental note to try to meet up with Shirley there.

After the show, I felt a sense of urgency to meet my idol. It was late and I knew she wouldn't be out all night. I ran backstage, hoping to see her emerge from her dressing room. She wasn't there. So we ran back inside and hunted down Ego. We werent allowed into the party because we didn't have VIP passes, however we were allowed to wait outside for her to come. The minutes ticked by and I started to grow despondent. But before I knew it Con tapped my arm and said "Neen, look!"

There she was, walking with a few other people and a couple of fans. She was walking right towards me. As I approached her, two other fans did as well and when she turned to sign something for them, she almost missed seeing me entirely. But I looked up at her (she's quite tall) and my eyes got very wide and I said (of all clever things to say) "Holy Crap!" (I couldnt believe she was standing in front of me!) She laughed and grabbed my hands as I tried to form a coherent sentence in my head. I said to her "I remember that you once said that Chrissie Hynde saved you life." She responded, "Yes I did say that. She did save my life." And she squeezed my hand a bit and I said "Well, I wanted you to know that you saved mine." She smiled very very warmly and she hugged me. I told her that we were standing outside for six hours hoping to meet her. She laughed a little and I asked her if she remembered a member of the stage crew asking her to sign a piece of paper. She said she did and I told her it was for us. She hugged me and when she let go I told her that I started crying when I saw it. She said "Oh there's no crying!" And she hugged me again. Every now and I again I'd say something to the effect of "This is so unreal!" And she would laugh in a flattered sort of way. Then Con interjected and asked if we could have a picture together and Shirley said it was okay. We took one of the three of us, and then one of just Shirley and me. She said, "Well I hope you guys have a great night!" And I told her we were probably just going to go home because they wouldn't let us into the after party. She laughed and was approached by other fans who wanted her attention. I turned to look at Con and when I turned back to see her, she was gone, having disappeared into Ego to party with the lucky VIP's. I started crying. Not because I was sad, but because I was the happiest I'd ever been in my entire life.

Needless to say, that was the best night. Ever. I never ever ever ever want to forget it. The coolest part about everything was how nice she was. She looks so intimidating onstage and I expected her to be that way offstage as well. But she was so sweet and warm and i think is one of the only celebrities that truly deserves the amount of respect they are given. Hopefully I'll get to tell her this when I meet her again <3

одета она была как-то очень обычно :(


Ширл выглядит просто сногсшибательно, аж дыхание захватывает смотреть на нее! Ааах...
Скорей бы видео посмотреть!


а вы заметили букву G на куртке у ширли?


Заметили ) Символично это очень..


Ширл супер. Какая же она классная на фотках!!! Ух :)


а вот и статейка о концерте:

Great Pretenders
Concert for VH1 gets boost from guest Iggy Pop
Monday, August 14, 2006
Star-Ledger Staff

Steven Van Zandt has spent much of his career working with Bruce Springsteen. But in a 2004 interview with The Star-Ledger he called Iggy Pop "the greatest performer, for me, in rock'n' roll history."

Chrissie Hynde went even further, Friday night at the Trump Taj Mahal in Atlantic City, calling Pop "the greatest human being in the world."

The occasion was a concert that was taped for VH1 Classic's "Decades Rock Live" series. (The air date has not been determined yet.) Hynde's classic-rock band, the Pretenders, was the main act, and performed both alone and with guests Pop, Shirley Manson (of the band Garbage), Kings of Leon and Incubus.

Pop, a punk-rock pioneer who was a huge influence on Hynde in her artistically formative years, was the last guest to appear. Though he never became as animated as he tends to get at his own shows, he still gave the event a jolt.

Long-haired and wiry at the age of 59, he bounded onto the stage and added booming baritone vocals to two Pretenders songs, "Lie to Me" and "Fools Must Die." Then he dueted with Hynde on his own catchy 1991 hit "Candy" (the original featured Kate Pierson of the B-52's). His loose-limbed, unself-conscious dancing and the wide grin on the face suggested that there was no place he would rather be.

He also sang on the show's grand finale: One of the Pretenders' biggest hits, "Middle of the Road," where he shared lead vocals with Manson, Kings of Leon's Caleb Followill and Incubus' Brandon Boyd. With various members of the guest bands also joining in, there were 11 musicians onstage. Hynde was content to play a supporting role until the song-closing harmonica solo.

The Pretenders, currently featuring original members Hynde and Martin Chambers (drums) along with Adam Seymour (guitar) and Nick Wilkinson (bass), have never been the most adventurous live band, tending to stick close to the original arrangements. So it was a kick to see them presiding over a chaotic scene, for once.

The "Decades Rock Live" series, which has previously built shows around artists like Bonnie Raitt, Elvis Costello, Heart and Lynyrd Skynyrd, isn't as confiningly structured as a traditional tribute show, or as loose as a jam session. The idea is, simply, that a veteran act presents a concert with several guest segments.

The material -- almost always rehearsed in advance -- can be associated with the central act, or the guests, or other sources. Some hits are usually included, but the set lists tend to be unpredictable.

I've attended two other "Decades Rock Live" tapings (Raitt and Heart) and can say that this one was the most like a regular concert, with no do-overs or pre-taped segments, and only a few brief breaks for stage alterations. In keeping with the Pretenders' usual no-nonsense approach to their career, there were no long speeches or attempts to pump up the crowd. They played, and Hynde graciously introduced the guests, and that was pretty much it.

As was the case with the other shows, attendees got to see and hear things they aren't likely to see and hear again. Hynde dueted with Boyd on Incubus' "Drive," and with Manson -- sporting lots of mascara, in tribute to Hynde's trademark look -- on Garbage's darkly alluring signature song, "Only Happy When It Rains." The Kings of Leon helped the Pretenders thrash their way through one of the punkiest Pretenders songs, "Up the Neck."

A few of the songs the Pretenders played on their own ("Back on the Chain Gang," "Night In My Veins") sounded a bit rushed and perfunctory. But the band was in fine form on numbers like a crisp "Mystery Achievement" and a beguiling "Brass In Pocket."

In a nod to the casino setting, Hynde performed her ballad "The Losing," saying it explained why she wouldn't be gambling after the show.

"Can't stop when I'm at the top. ... Every time I win I have to start again/Can't rest until I'm losing," she sang.


А перевод ? :)


Хаа, к хорошему то быстро привыкаем, правда? =)
Постараюсь перевести в ближайшем будущем


Пока выкладываю только перевод первого отзыва о концерте, скоро переведу 3-й, 4-й и статью. Во втором ничего интересного, кроме утверждения автора, что Ширли – самый красивый человек из всех, кого он видел =)

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