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Некоторые подробности о сольнике

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Record Label: Alone At Last

Как это понимать? Наша любимица наконец-то освободилась от контрактного рабства? )

похоже на то. но мне не верится, что она выпустит альбом в сети. скорее всего это будет какой-нить небольшой независимый лейбл


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И все-таки мне хочется поиграть в угадайку.
Девочки и мальчики, как вы думаете -

поступил очередной ответ на этот вопрос: некто Rivers Cuomo.

привожу без перевода:

In the new issue of Rolling Stone there's an article about Rivers Cuomo and it mentions that Shirley asked him to help her write songs and she's quoted in the article. "It was a master class in pop writing. Rivers has this thing that's quite extraordinary. All my girlfriends have crazy crushes on him."

Cuomo: "From there, I got super excited about working with different people and being in strange and exotic creative situations. Another source of inspiration was [Garbage singer] Shirley Manson, who came over one day and said she was calling all her favorite artists and writing songs with them for her solo album. It just seemed like such an amazingly cool and scary and fun idea that I wanted to start trying it myself."


про "некто" ты шутишь ведь, правда? )
это лидер группы Weezer


Что то тишина. Жаль, жаль...


Вроде не было у нас еще этого интервью.

Garbage frontwoman Shirley Manson inspired to return to music

Apr 11 2010 Alan Carson, Sunday Mail

ROCKER Shirley Manson is making a chart comeback after singing at the funeral of a friend's son.

The Garbage frontwoman hung up her microphone last March to concentrate on chasing TV and movie roles.

But the death of six-year-old Pablo Castelaz three months later made her see just how important music is to people.

Shirley said: "Friends of mine lost their son to cancer last year and they asked me to sing his favourite song, Life on Mars, at the memorial.

"We were all in so much pain but it meant so much to them that I could sing that song and it meant so much to me that I was able to do something.

"It made me realise how much music sustains people. I don't know why I turned my back on it."

Edinburgh-born Shirley had been touring with bands since her teens but decided to leave Garbage after landing a role in US TV series Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.

The singer was also hit hard by her mum's death in 2008.

She said: "When Mum became ill with dementia it knocked the stuffing out of me. I didn't want to make music, I could barely function."

However the loss of Pablo - the son of Dangerbird Records founder Jeff Castelaz - inspired her to return.

Hundreds of people attended a memorial service in Los Angeles for the youngster where Shirley and Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl sang.

Now Shirley is keen to make an album.

She added: "There is talk about doing my own record, reforming with Garbage and a short film too. Whether it will all come off, I don't know.

"I've learned that I need to take it one day at a time." … -22178213/


ну это все опять-таки на уровне "кота Шредингера": может будет, а может - не будет. И потом Ширли ясно дала понять, что из музыки она не уходит - откуда они все этот уход-то выкопали?


So are you still working on your solo album as well?

My solo album is dead and buried. We had the funeral. It was sad and I cried a lot but it made such a beautiful corpse that we had an open casket. … rbage.html


Ну что тут скажешь?


Видать пошел её сольник на полку =(

Вы здесь » Garbage | Not Your Kind of People » Shirley » Некоторые подробности о сольнике