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Róisín Murphy

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У Мамули рулит, а Оральные Фиксации - не фштырили...


Совсем скоро выходит совместный проект Here Lies Love от David Byrne и Fatboy Slim (подробности на … lies-love/ )
одну из песен, Don’t You Agree?, исполняет Roisin Murphy
в сеть утек радио-рип этой замечательнейшей песни … atboy-slim


Нафигачу сцылок с Рошинскими радостями:

B-sides, misc trax & collaborations

1. Never Enough (Original Radio Edit) [with Boris Dlugosch] (3:52)
2. Wonderland (Vocal Mix) [with Psychedelic Waltons] (3:47)
3. The Truth [with Handsome Boy Modeling School & J-live ] (5:37)
4. Feel up (Salt City Orchestra wednesday mix) [with Spook] (7:09)
5. Sorted (6:10)
6. Take My Hand [with Moloko] (7:01)
7. Love In The Making (5:15)
8. Ripples (3:33)
9. Off And On (3:30)
10. Modern Timing (4:28)
11. Foolish (3:26)
12. Sweet Nothings (3:44)
13. Sunshine (3:05)
14. Unlovable (3:54)
15. Pandora (3:55)
16. Keep It Loose (3:34)
17. Slave To Love (3:38)

mp3, VBR, 44.1 kHz, 124 Mb, 75:38 min … s.rar.html

If We're In Love (SP) (2005)

1. If We're In Love (Edit) (3:37)
2. If We're In Love (Matthew Herbert's Lovers Remix) (4:44)
3. Ripples (3:33)
4. If We're In Love (Dani Siciliano's What Will Be Will Be Mix) (6:29)

mp3 VBR 0 44.1 kHz 32.5 Mb 18:23 min

Roisin Murphy - Sow Into You (SP) (2005)

1. Sow Into You (Radio Edit) (3:30)
2. Sow Into You (Bugz In The Attic Remix) (5:58)
3. Sow Into You (Bugz In The Attic Dubstrumental) (5:12)
4. Love In The Making (5:04)

mp3 VBR 0 44.1 kHz 35 Mb 19:44 min

Roisin Murphy - Let Me Know (SP1) (2007)

1. Let Me Know (Radio Edit) (3:39)
2. Sunshine (3:05)

mp3 VBR 0 44.1 kHz 12.4 Mb 6:44 min

Movie Star / Slave To Love (Promo SP) (2008)

картинка, оставленная пользователем

1. Movie Star (Radio Edit) (3:45)
2. Movie Star (Instrumental) (4:00)
3. Slave To Love (3:38)
4. Slave To Love (Instrumental) (3:39)

mp3 VBR 0 44.1 kHz 26.6 Mb 15:02 min

Boris Dlugosch feat. Roisin Murphy - Never Enough CDM (2001)

1. Never Enough (Original Radio Edit) (3:52)
2. Never Enough (Chocolate Puma Radio Edit) (3:43)
3. Never Enough (Original Club Mix) (7:17)
4. Never Enough (Chocolate Puma Remix) (7:38)
5. Never Enough (Bini & Martini Club Mix) (7:52)
6. Never Enough (Fusion Groove Orchestra Vocal Mix) (9:46)

mp3 VBR 0 44.1 kHz 74.4 Mb 40:08 min

The Psychedelic Waltons ft. Roisin Murphy - Wonderland (Promo SP) (2001)

картинка, оставленная пользователем

1. Wonderland (Vocal Mix - Edit) (3:23)
2. Wonderland (The S-Man Dark Tribe Club Mix) (6:37)

mp3 VBR 0 44.1 kHz 18.1 Mb 10:00 min


sAND написал(а):

Нафигачу сцылок с Рошинскими радостями:

Первая ссылка - зачОт :) Уже качаю!


Ну тогда ещё до кучи нате и альбомы

Roisin Murphy - Ruby Blue [SE] (2005)

1. Leaving The City (4:49)
2. Sinking Feeling (3:32)
3. Night Of The Dancing Flame (3:26)
4. Through Time (5:58)
5. Sow Into You (3:56)
6. Dear Diary (5:50)
7. If We're In Love (4:31)
8. Ramalama (Bang Bang) (3:35)
9. Ruby Blue (2:48)
10. Off On It (5:22)
11. Prelude To Love In The Making (0:53)
12. Love In The Making (5:15) [192]
13. The Closing Of The Doors (3:28)
14. Ripples (3:33) [VBR 0]

mp3 CBR 320 kbps 44.1 kHz 113 Mb 56:56 min … E.rar.html

Roisin Murphy - Overpowered [SE] (2007)

1. Overpowered (5:08)
2. You Know Me Better (4:17)
3. Checkin' On Me (4:39)
4. Let Me Know (5:09)
5. Movie Star (4:01)
6. Primitive (4:50)
7. Footprints (3:37)
8. Dear Miami (3:40)
9. Cry Baby (5:54)
10. Tell Everybody (3:51)
11. Scarlet Ribbons (5:35)
12. Body Language (4:39)
13. Parallel Lives (4:21)

mp3 CBR 320 kbps 44.1 kHz 117 Mb 59:41 min … d.rar.html

CD2 B-sides

1. Foolish (3:26)
2. Sweet Nothings (3:44)
3. Sunshine (3:05)
4. Unlovable (3:54)
5. Pandora (3:55)
6. Keep It Loose (3:34)
7. Slave To Love (3:38)
8. Modern Timing (4:28) [128]
9. Off And On (3:30) [160]

mp3 VBR 0 44.1 kHz 54 Mb 33:14 min … s.rar.html


В сеть утекли 2 совместных трека The Crookers и Roisin Murphy:

Royal T  (студийная версия, честно говоря, так себе - вживую лучше)

Hold Up Your Hands

пока что в низком качестве, как все это дело выйдет на CD, ссылки обновлю


Альбом Crookers (они без the) вышел, вот трек с Ройшн с битрейтом повыше: … y.mp3.html


то был Royal T
а вот Hold Up Your Hand - … y.mp3.html


Радио-рип уже был, пусть будет и нормальная альбомная версия "Don't You Agree" с бирно-фэтбойслимовского мюзикла. - Don t You Agree.mp3.html


Десятки, сотни, тысячи ремиксов на Momma's Place доступны на … ;sort=date

Роушин в попытке раскрутить сингл выложила стемы этого трека на … emixroisin и теперь любой желающий может состряпать свой ремикс.


Спасибо за новости. Скачал мультитреки, участвовать не буду, но похимичить попробую )


Роушин на своем официальном форуме (который вместе с сайтом на этой неделе закрывается) ясно дала понять, что пока решили уйти в отпуск (или как это было названо у гарбов - hiatus), связанный с рождением ребенка.

Times have changed guys; a fifty-piece orchestra (statues) is simply not possible. Believe it or not I love club music, I spent a lot of my life lost in music on one dance floor or another and happily I believe it works better when it’s raw. Yet, functional music is exceptionally hard to pull off and so it’s still a challenge I find incredibly interesting. I would have to disagree about Moloko’s music working in the clubs, when quite often it did not when it was meant to. Hence Sing it back and even Forevermore, work better as remixes.
I happen to think there were some wonderful mixes of Mommas Place done in the competition as good as any so called professional ones and I find working with the new technology of web possibilities exciting. Whatever you think of Perez, his website is the reason some many people submitted tracks in the hope of finding a massive audience for their work and for that I thank him. Ruby Blue is a one off, never to be repeated record; if I tried to recreate that experience it would do nothing for anybody.

I am turning a new chapter in my creative life, returning to London next week to get started. I have a child and she is wonderful, so everything else will have to fit in around her. I will do this on my own terms or not at all. I am closing down this site, as it seems very much part of the past. A clean sheet is what’s needed and that is what I intend to create. Those of you who wish to follow my evolving career will not be disappointed, as I still have a lot to prove. There may be some of you who are perfectly happy with what I have already created, with old records and with the past. The past will always be there but I have to move on, so I must respectfully ask you to make your own arrangements.

This forum and the rest of the site will come down this week. As I have said, its time. I have always paid attention to what is being discussed here, you have made me laugh and you have brought tears to my eyes on numerous occasions. I have really appreciated all your support and your collective intelligence over the years. It has spurred me on. I have been afraid to shut this thing down for a while now, a fear of change and of losing you.
I feel utterly blessed to have been allowed to make music my life; by some fluke I have managed to make a decent living from it too. It’s important to me that you all know that I have on the whole, been happy with my lot. Perhaps I am no Dolly Parton when it comes to doing interviews and getting my point across in the way I have it in my mind and sometimes I wish I had put things differently but I really do feel I have made a success of my career, in that I have rarely had to compromise and never when it really mattered.
I have never been a political animal, I have met artists who are, adept at playing the game and acutely aware of who does what for them and who holds the power within the industry. But when I look back at it all now I even enjoy the memories of rows and turbulence with record companies, screaming and shouting at men who thought they knew what was best for me. Maybe they did and maybe they didn’t, but it’s all part of a story so full of twists and turns I can only laugh about it now.
I have been petulant and even a little spoiled, in some ways it all came too easy. In other ways it’s been fraught and not without it’s difficulties, I have had to fight. I became a singer and a songwriter by chance but I grabbed the bull by the horns. I became a performer out of sheer will and a real sense of destiny. With the exception of watching my daughter grow, the best times of my life have been on that stage.
So where do I go from here? Well, no matter what you read in cheesy celebrity magazines about those busy working Mums, I believe you can’t replicate time. I need time with Clodagh to see her develop and to be sure she feels loved. One of my greatest weaknesses in my work life has been a difficulty with delegation. Imagine then, how hard I would find delegating her upbringing. I have to see how it will pan out; it’s impossible to be sure how much I can commit to work in the near future.
But this I do know, there will be more stand-alone releases. I know most of you what an Album with all the hoopla that goes with that but that’s simply not possible right now. If and when that does happen I feel it would be better to start again, afresh. I am very doubtful these tracks will ever be part of an album project. Yet, I have seen before how just one song can change everything, all it takes is the right song and a little luck.
Up to now the DJ thing has been purely a fun experiment and done on the hop so to speak, but I have plans to expand it. I have begun to really enjoy it and even feel I can hold my own as a DJ. I intend to create music especially for it’s purposes and plan to expand its scope in terms of sound experimentation. I even think I can bring a visual element into it, digitising film and projections.
And so there it is, all I can do is bring the whole thing back to basics in the hope I can build again from there. Song by song, performance by performance, no massive over arching plans and no pressure so everything I do I can do with complete conviction. It’s about creativity again, in everything. It should be fun and so it is.
You guys have always been and always will be great! Stay in touch with one another and may I humbly ask you to keep an ear out for me? Because I’ll be out there, fighting, writing, recording and performing my little socks off.


Пожелаем удачи ацкой сотоне!


Мадам недавно выступала с лайв-сетом в лондонском клубе.


Итак, Ройшн в Москве 13-го ноября вот на этой вечерине -
Вход свободный, однако фейсконтроль, дресскод и пр. (впрочем, там вряд ли будет строго, это больше средство против откровенной гопоты). Формат выступления, видимо, тот, который Ройшн предпочитает последний год - диджей-сет с живым вокалом.

Я там буду. Хотя бы для того, чтобы взять реванш за печально известное шоу 2007-го )


Передавай приветы ацкой сотоне!


кстати, есть ведь пара новых треков от мадам и ко.
1. Boadicea - Mason feat. Roisin Murphy … y-boadicea
что-то сродни Pandora
2. Demon Lover (Audio Monsters Remix feat. Wiley) … o-monsters
может такими темпами Ройшн скоро таки выпустит Demon Lover

13 написал(а):

Ройшн в Москве 13-го ноября

Вот свезло так свезло. 13, оторвись там за всех.

P.S. самое обидное расскажу потом.


moorzilka написал(а):

P.S. самое обидное расскажу потом.

ну теперь когда уже все решилось, можно и рассказать - я лечу по работе в мск и улетаю 12-го ноября вечером.
Приехать в мск практически одновременно с Ройшн и не побывать на ее выступлении - вот действительно самое обидное.


А было это так:
как и ожидалась, Ройшн пела под плюс, не особенно утруждая себя сведением (то есть оно было, но совсем по учебнику "Mixing for Dummies"), вместо этого развлекала публику танцами с шарфом. Выступала час, начала с "Let Me Know", закончила бодрой двоечкой из "Momma's Place" и "You Know Me Better" (кроме того были "Royal T", "Demon Lover", "Owerpovered" - словом, свежак, выпущенный не раньше 2007-го, и только "Forever More" из старых запасов), между песнями вклеивала куски техно и байле-фанка. Барышня в прекрасной форме, головой мотает так, что поневоле возвращались нехорошие воспоминания с концерта 4-хлетней давности, и вообще не очень похожа на человека, полгода назад написавшего "Извините, народ, но мне надо за дочкой ухаживать" )
Если бы не жуткая сауна у сцены - выражение "на танцполе было жарко" на этот раз не красивый оборот из пресс-релизов, а буквальное физическое описание - было бы совсем круто.


Эх, хороша, чертовка! Аудио (в ужасающем качестве)
так же есть несколько клипов на ютьюбе

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